Upgrade Your Space: Smart Home Gadgets Every Renter Should Have


In today’s fast-paced world, smart home tech has revolutionized how we live in our spaces, making things more convenient, efficient, and secure. And while homeowners have been quick to jump on board, renters can also get in on the action and level up their living experience.

Whether you’re looking for something basic or more high-tech, here’s a complete rundown of must-have smart home gadgets that every renter should think about adding to their place.

Smart Thermostat

At the top of the smart home upgrades for renters is the smart thermostat. It’s a game-changer, letting you tweak your home’s temperature from anywhere using a smartphone app. That means you can save on energy and cut down those pesky utility bills. And the best part? Many smart thermostats are super smart—they learn your habits and preferences over time, adjusting the temperature accordingly. So, you can stay cozy without constantly fiddling with the settings.

Additionally, compatibility with virtual assistants and IoT (Internet of Things) tech enables hands-free operation through simple voice commands, making smart thermostats a versatile and convenient addition to any rental property. You just say the preferred temperature and all the rest is carried out by smart tech.

Smart Locks

Boost the security of your rental place with smart door locks that bring keyless entry and remote control to the table. These nifty gadgets let you lock and unlock your doors using your phone, a keypad, or even just your voice. They come with handy extras like temporary access codes and activity logs, making life easier for renters, especially if you’re sharing your space with roommates or often on the go. Plus, some smart locks can sync up with home automation systems, giving you the power to manage access to your rental from anywhere.

Smart Lighting

Lighting was always one of the most effective ways to change how some environments look. Well, try to enhance your rental space with smart lighting systems that offer versatility, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance and conserve energy. Smart light bulbs enable you to adjust brightness, colors, and schedules effortlessly using your smartphone, ensuring that your space always feels just right for any occasion. The best part? There’s a wide variety of options available, so you can easily find the ideal fit for your home by browsing online.

So, if you, for instance, check the cheap apartments in Memphis or some other hot location, you will see smart lightning has become standard by now. With the ability to integrate with virtual assistants, smart bulbs offer hands-free operation through voice commands, making them an excellent choice for renters seeking convenience and versatility in their lighting setup.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs

Upgrade your standard electrical outlets to smart ones with the help of smart plugs. These compact devices give you the power to control and automate your plugged-in electronics remotely via your smartphone. Whether you’re keen on setting up a schedule for your lights while you’re away or aiming to manage your energy consumption more efficiently, smart plugs provide a simple and affordable solution for renters looking to introduce smart technology into their homes without the need for permanent alterations.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The harmful gasses we can find in our homes are a true menace. Well, ensure the safety of yourself and your rental space by installing smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that provide advanced monitoring and alerts. These devices are equipped to detect smoke, fire, and dangerous gases, promptly sending notifications to your smartphone so you can keep tabs on your home 24/7..

Some smart detectors go as far as to poach the built-in sirens, voice alerts, and self-testing features, offering an extra layer of safety and reassurance. Investing in smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is a proactive step that could potentially save lives and safeguard your property from damage.

Smart Security Cameras

These days, security has to be one of the top priorities of any tenant. Well, you can easily keep an eye on your rental property and deter potential intruders with smart security cameras that offer remote monitoring and surveillance capabilities. 

Smart cameras deliver live video feeds and notifications directly to your smartphone, empowering you to respond swiftly to any signs of suspicious activity or unauthorized access. With additional features such as two-way audio, night vision, and cloud storage options, you go as close to professional surveillance as possible. These advanced capabilities make smart cameras a valuable asset in providing you with peace of mind.

Smart Leak Sensors

Prevent expensive water damage and the growth of mold by installing smart leak sensors that are designed to detect and notify you of potential plumbing leaks or floods in your rental unit. These small sensors can be strategically placed near sinks, toilets, water heaters, and other water sources to constantly monitor for any signs of moisture or irregular water flow. Should a leak occur, these smart sensors immediately send alerts to your smartphone, enabling you to promptly address the issue and mitigate damage to your property and belongings.


Well, these were some of the most important gadgets you should keep on your radar to keep your rental apartment as cozy, safe, and enjoyable for living as it gets. Whether your goal is to reduce energy consumption, enhance safety measures, or simply enjoy the convenience of remote control and automation, there’s a wide array of smart home gadgets available to cater to your needs and preferences.

What’s also important is that, since they are mostly IoT-based, they can be easily dismounted and carried away when you decide to move. So, you are making some good long-term investments here.

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