Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco: Dolan Law Firm


Regarding legal representation, especially concerning personal injury attorney San Fransisco Dolan law stands out as a beacon of hope and justice in San Francisco. For almost four decades, this esteemed firm has committed itself to defending the rights of its clients. And at its helm is Chris Dolan, a beacon of expertise and authority in the industry.

Why Choose Dolan Law Firm?

  1. Proven Track Record The firm boasts an impressive history of favorable settlements and verdicts, proving that they prioritize their client’s well-being and justice above all.
  2. Real Trial Lawyers at Your Service Unlike other law firms that may shy away from challenging cases, Dolan Law Firm has battle-tested lawyers ready to take on even the toughest legal challenges.
  3. Leading the Legal Front Being represented by Dolan Law ensures you have a top-tier legal team behind you, bolstering your chances of a favorable outcome.
  4. Financial & Technological Advantage With the firm’s vast resources, Dolan Law clients have an edge. They can bring substantial evidence and expert testimonies and leverage the latest legal technology.

Scope of Services at Dolan Law Firm

The dedicated team at Dolan Law doesn’t limit themselves. They have it all covered, from injuries and accidents to workplace-related incidents and cases of discrimination. If you’re in San Francisco and uncertain about your injury claim, this is the team to consult.

Happy Clients Speak Volumes

  1. Standing Strong Against Injustice When tragedy struck the Lagumbay family, Dolan Law was there. The firm took on a complex case against a grocery delivery company, delivering justice and a significant settlement for the grieving family.
  2. Navigating Multiple Accidents, Christine Vo faced the misfortune of being in two separate car accidents. But with Chris Dolan’s guidance, she triumphed over challenging legal hurdles.
  3. Championing Employee Rights Emi Tomijima’s case of pregnancy discrimination found a staunch supporter in Dolan Law. Their unwavering commitment to justice ensured that Emi received the representation she deserved.

Reach Out & Find Justice

If you or a loved one has faced injustice, Dolan Law Firm is just a call away. Their track record, commitment, and client testimonials highlight the firm’s dedication. And the best part? They offer a free case review. So, if you find yourself in need, don’t hesitate. The Dolan Law team is ready and waiting to help you navigate the complex world of personal injury law.

Contacting Dolan Law Firm: Here’s How

If you’re facing a legal challenge or simply seeking advice on personal injury matters, reaching out to Dolan Law Firm is a step in the right direction. With their esteemed reputation and proven track record, you’re placing your trust in capable hands.

Get a Free Case Review

One of the standout features of Dolan Law Firm is its offer of a free case evaluation. This means you can discuss the details of your situation without any financial obligation.

Reach Them by Phone

For a direct conversation, call them at:

  • Local Number: 415-818-9318
  • Toll-Free Number: 1-888-452-4752

Online Contact

Dolan Law Firm offers online consultation services for those who prefer digital communication. Visit their website, navigate the contact page, and complete the provided form.

Visit in Person

If you’re in or around San Francisco and wish to meet face-to-face, consider visiting their office. However, it’s advisable to call ahead and schedule an appointment to ensure you receive dedicated attention.


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