Indoor Dog Potties: A Havanese Owner’s Guide

Why Consider an Indoor Potty for Your Havanese?

If you’re a Havanese owner living in a compact space or a region with harsh weather, stepping out every time your fur buddy needs to go can be challenging. Indoor Dog potty for Havanese offers a fantastic solution for those who can’t always be outdoor-ready. They’re a game-changer in preventing messy accidents, minimizing odours, and granting busy owners more leisure time. Not to mention, they’re ideal for senior dogs or those with mobility issues.

Deciphering the Options

The market is brimming with different types of indoor potties, each tailored to suit the Havanese’s petite size and distinctive habits:

  • Grass-based Potties: These potties mimic the outdoor environment and offer a natural or synthetic grass patch. It’s an eco-friendly option, especially when natural grass is used. Maintenance? A breeze. Just water the wild grass, and a simple wash does the trick for the synthetic.
  • Plastic Platforms: These are trays designed with a drainage system, often paired with absorbent pads. Easy to clean, they’re durable and can stand the test of time.
  • Fabric-based Potties: Made of absorbent fabric, they’re softer on the paws but might need frequent washes.
  • Vertical Pads: Got a male Havanese that lifts his leg? Vertical pads got you covered. These are pee pads attached vertically, ensuring zero mess.

Training Your Havanese: Key to Success

Choosing an indoor dog potty for your Havanese is half the battle won. The real task is training. A consistent routine and heaps of positive reinforcement are paramount. Celebrate every time your Havanese uses the potty with treats or verbal praises. Avoid punishing for mistakes; it can backfire. Instead, show them the correct spot.

Eco-friendly Choices

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, opt for an eco-friendly indoor potty. Real grass options are biodegradable and sustainable. If choosing synthetic variants, look for ones made of recyclable materials.

In a Nutshell

Indoor dog potties are a boon for Havanese owners. While picking one based on aesthetics is tempting, it’s crucial to consider functionality and your dog’s preferences. With a sprinkle of patience and consistency in training, you’ll have your Havanese using it in no time. And for those eco-conscious souls, there are plenty of green options available. Happy potty training!

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