Taipei’s Self-Driving Gharry: A Glimpse of Tradition and Innovation


Taipei, the vibrant capital of Taiwan, is known for its lively streets, historic landmarks, and cutting-edge technology. The Taipei self-driving gharry is one technological marvel that stands as a testimony to this fusion of tradition and innovation. In this article, we’ll explore what a self-driving gharry is, how it functions, its integration into the city’s infrastructure, and how you can enjoy a ride in one.

What is a Self-Driving Gharry?

A self-driving gharry is a small electric vehicle designed specifically for urban exploration. Its design resembles a traditional horse-drawn carriage, giving it a nostalgic feel. But don’t be fooled by its appearance; these vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, making them safe, convenient, and eco-friendly.

Safety Measures

The safety of the passengers is a paramount concern in the design of the Taipei self-driving gharry. Equipped with sensors, cameras, and radars, these gharries detect and avoid obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles. In addition, they come with emergency brakes and manual override systems, ensuring that it’s safe to travel in one, even in the unlikely event of a malfunction.

Environmental Consideration

Being electrically powered, these self-driving gharries contribute to the eco-friendly initiatives of Taipei. Integrating the city’s smart infrastructure further enables green path planning, reducing congestion and optimizing travel times.

Integration with Smart City Infrastructure

The Taipei self-driving gharry isn’t just a standalone novelty. It’s an integral part of Taipei’s intelligent city infrastructure. This integration allows for seamless connectivity and real-time information exchange with traffic control systems, providing an efficient and technologically advanced transportation solution.

Booking Your Ride

Fancy a ride in this blend of tradition and innovation? You can hire a Taipei self-driving gharry via various online platforms, and some hotels in the city also offer booking services. It’s advisable to book in advance to secure your ride and enjoy a unique experience.


1.      What is a Taipei self-driving gharry?

A Taipei self-driving gharry is a small, autonomous electric vehicle resembling a horse-drawn carriage. It’s designed for urban exploration and is integrated into Taipei’s intelligent city infrastructure.

2.      How can I book a ride in a self-driving gharry?

You can book a ride through various online platforms or some hotels in Taipei that offer booking services. It is advisable to book in advance to ensure availability.

3.      Is it safe to ride in a self-driving gharry?

The self-driving gharries are equipped with advanced safety features such as sensors, cameras, radars, emergency brakes, and manual override systems. These features ensure it detects and avoids obstacles, providing a safe travel experience.

4.      Are self-driving gharries eco-friendly?

Absolutely! Being electrically powered and integrated with green path planning, the self-driving gharries align with eco-friendly initiatives, reducing congestion and optimizing travel times.

5.      Can I drive the gharry myself?

No, the gharries are self-driving, meaning they operate autonomously. However, there are manual override systems in place for emergencies.

6.      What makes the self-driving gharry unique in Taipei?

The self-driving gharry is unique due to its blend of tradition and innovation. It captures the essence of Taipei’s culture while embracing cutting-edge autonomous technology, symbolizing modernity and heritage.

7.      Can I hire a self-driving gharry for special occasions?

Depending on availability and service providers, hiring a self-driving gharry for special occasions may be possible. It’s best to check with specific booking platforms or hotels for detailed information.

8.      How does the self-driving gharry navigate through traffic?

The self-driving gharry is integrated with Taipei’s intelligent city infrastructure, allowing real-time information exchange with traffic control systems. This connectivity enables seamless navigation through the city’s streets.

9.      Are there any age or health restrictions for riding in a self-driving gharry?

Specific age or health restrictions may vary by service provider. It’s recommended to consult with the booking platform or hotel to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.

10. Where can I find more information about self-driving gharries in Taipei?

More detailed information can be found on the official websites of Taipei’s tourism department, the booking platforms, or through customer service channels associated with the self-driving gharry services.


The Taipei self-driving gharry is more than just a mode of transport; it symbolizes how Taipei embraces modern technology while paying homage to its rich heritage. Whether you’re a tourist seeking an extraordinary experience or a local interested in cutting-edge technology, the self-driving gharry offers a unique way to explore the city. It’s a testament to Taipei’s commitment to innovation, safety, convenience, and environmental responsibility, all wrapped in an engaging package that appeals to all generations.


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