Tattle Life: The Controversial Gossip Forum

The Rise of Tattle Life

In a digital age where public figures grace our screens with every scroll, a platform like Tattle Life has carved out its niche in the vast landscape of the internet. Founded in 2018, it’s gained significant traction as a gossip forum with a laser focus on women in the public eye. This surge in popularity saw 43.2 million visits in a mere six months, mainly from British users.

The Dark Side of Tattle Life

While it claims to hold a zero-tolerance policy against harmful content, many beg to differ. Numerous public figures, including influencers, podcasters, and celebrities, have borne the brunt of personal attacks, falsehoods, and malicious comments. Such cyberbullying has led many women to speak out against the psychological and reputational damage they’ve faced.

A quick glimpse into Tattle Life’s discussion threads reveals a barrage of negative remarks. From the TV reality star Katie Price being labeled an “ugly bitch” to influencers being ridiculed for their mental health struggles, the site’s environment is often less than welcoming.

Abbie Draper’s experience serves as a case in point. After naming her baby, Tattle Life users poked fun at her choice, even relating it to a drug term. Such harassment profoundly affected her, so she hesitated to use her baby’s name.

Is Tattle Life Truly Accountable?

With the site’s founder, the elusive “Helen,” maintaining that Tattle Life offers a space for “reasonable critique,” one must question where to draw the line between valid criticism and outright trolling. The broad strokes of negativity often blur this line, with some users even reporting influencers to the police based on baseless claims or attempting to ruin their commercial collaborations.

Attempts to Take Down the Gossip Giant

Many have rallied against the platform’s negative impact. Efforts have ranged from petitions garnered 63,000 signatures to influencers standing before parliamentary committees advocating for the site’s closure. Prominent figures, like author Sali Hughes, have also delved deep into the Tattle Life phenomenon, highlighting the genuine harm it can inflict.

Concluding Thoughts: The Future of Tattle Life

Platforms like Tattle Life present a problem in an era where freedom of speech is cherished. Balancing genuine critique with respect and empathy is paramount. Whether Tattle Life will evolve into a space for constructive discussion or remain a hub for harmful gossip remains to be seen. But one thing is clear: the conversation about its impact is far from over.


1.     What is Tattle Life?

Tattle Life is a gossip forum founded in 2018, primarily focused on discussing women in the public eye, including influencers, podcasters, and celebrities.

2.     Is Tattle Life a UK-based platform?

Yes, Tattle Life is one of the most-visited websites in the UK, with most of its visitors being British users.

3.     How does Tattle Life manage harmful content?

Tattle Life claims a zero-tolerance policy for abusive, hateful, or harmful content and asserts they have a 24/7 moderation team. However, there have been reports of trolls and negative comments on the platform.

4.     Has there been any backlash against Tattle Life?

Yes, several individuals and groups have voiced concerns about the platform. Some public figures have shared about the negative impact of comments on their mental health, and there have been efforts, including petitions and legal actions, to close down or regulate the website.

5.     Who is “Helen” about Tattle Life?

“Helen” is believed to be the founder of Tattle Life. She has described the site as a space for reasonable critique of public figures.

6.     Are there reports of Tattle Life users impacting influencers’ partnerships and collaborations?

Yes, there have been allegations of Tattle users contacting influencers’ brand partners to jeopardize commercial deals. Some have even reported influencers to authorities based on unverified claims.

7.     What kind of comments typically appear on Tattle Life?

While some comments might be genuine critiques, many delve into personal attacks, malicious rumors, and derogatory remarks about public figures’ appearances, relationships, and mental health.

8.     Are there any notable efforts to close down Tattle Life?

A petition aiming to shut down the site has received 63,000 signatures. Prominent individuals, like author Sali Hughes and influencer Em Sheldon, have also acted or spoken against the platform’s negative aspects.

9.     Does Tattle Life focus only on UK personalities?

While most discussions revolve around British public figures, figures from other regions might also be discussed, given the site’s nature.

10. Why is Tattle Life controversial?

The controversy stems from the platform’s environment, which many perceive as fostering negative, harmful discussions, cyberbullying, and spreading unverified information about individuals in the public eye.

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