The Franklin County Auditor: More Than Just Numbers

Who Is the Franklin County Auditor?

When you think of an auditor, you probably imagine a suit-wearing bean counter hunched over spreadsheets. But Franklin County Auditor Michael Stinziano, in office since March 2019, is far from that stereotype. Elected with a 66% majority, he’s the first Democrat to hold this position since 1936. A noteworthy feat!

At a Glance: The Franklin County Auditor

Role Responsibilities Current Auditor Party Affiliation
Financial and accounting oversight Property appraisal, license issuance, etc. Michael Stinziano Democrat

What Does the Auditor Do?

The Franklin County Auditor wears many hats. Financial and accounting oversight is crucial, but the role is surprisingly diverse.

  • Property Management: Handling property records, tax maps, and state-mandated reappraisals every six years.
  • License Issuance: The office is your one-stop shop, from dog licenses to liquor permits.
  • Consumer Protection: Testing all weights and measurement devices in the county for accuracy.

Fun Fact!

Issuing dog licenses is not just administrative red tape. It helps reunite lost dogs with their owners more quickly. So, Fido thanks you, Franklin County Auditor!

Why Should You Care?

Transparency and consumer protection are at the core of what the Franklin County Auditor does. Did you ever wonder if the gallon of gas you pumped was a gallon? Well, the auditor ensures that such scales and measures are accurate.

  • Transparency: Public records and data are freely accessible online, making transparency a cornerstone of the office.
  • Consumer Protection: Ensuring fair practices in weights and measures keeps your wallet safe.

For the Records: Online Public Data

Type of Record Description Online Availability
Property Search Look up properties and their tax info Yes
Homestead Registration Register for homestead tax benefits Yes
Parcel History Sheets Historical data on property parcels Yes

Conclusion: Why the Auditor Matters

In a world where bureaucracy often seems labyrinthine, the Franklin County Auditor’s role is refreshingly multi-faceted and crucial to public trust. From assuring that your new puppy is officially yours to ensuring your property is pretty taxed, the office plays a vital role in the everyday lives of Franklin County residents.

Remember, the next time you question the role of elected officials, think of the Franklin County Auditor—a position that affects almost every aspect of your life in Franklin County.

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