The Loving Pillars Behind Storm Reid: A Glimpse into Her Parental Backbone

An Atlanta Prodigy: Early Days

Storm Reid, the effervescent actress hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, was born on a warm summer day on July 1, 2003. Growing up with three other siblings – Josh, Iman, and Paris 12 – Storm was introduced to a cacophony of dreams, ideas, and ambitions. But even in such a lively environment, the starlet’s radiant dream of acting stood out.

The Big Move to Hollywood

Recognizing their daughter’s boundless potential, the Reids made a significant life-altering decision. When Storm was just nine, they relocated from Atlanta to Los Angeles. This move wasn’t just a geographical shift but a testament to their unyielding belief in Storm’s dreams and aspirations. By immersing her in the epicenter of the entertainment industry, they provided her with the best launchpad for her budding career.

Empowerment Through Freedom

One of the most defining pieces of advice Robyn has given her daughter is the freedom to choose. In a realm where young actors can feel trapped by their successes or commitments, Robyn has always ensured Storm knows she has an exit door. “If you don’t wish to continue acting, you can always quit,” she would tell her. This has given Storm a sense of control over her career and allowed her to enjoy her profession without feeling shackled.

The Parental Duo: Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid

Behind every child’s dream, there’s often an unwavering force of love and encouragement. For Storm, these forces came from Storm Reid parents – Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid. With an aura of mystery around his profession, Rodney has remained a constant support. Meanwhile, Robyn wears multiple hats, not just as Storm’s mother but also as an executive producer. One can glimpse her work in the 2004 short film “Poultry and Prejudice.”

Journey to the City of Dreams: The LA Move

By the time Storm was nine, her parents recognized the boundless talent she possessed. With dreams too vast for Atlanta’s confines, the Reid family took a leap of faith and relocated to Los Angeles. This move was pivotal for Storm’s career. It wasn’t just about better opportunities but a testimony to her parents’ belief in her dreams.

A Freedom to Choose: Robyn’s Golden Words

It’s often thought that the world of glitz and glamour can be overwhelming, especially for someone as young as Storm. Yet, with her mother’s words echoing in her ears, Storm has never felt burdened by her career. Robyn’s mantra to her has always been simple: “If you don’t wish to pursue acting anymore, you can always quit.” This freedom to choose has been Storm’s strength. She once shared, “My mom has always said, if I didn’t want to do it [acting] anymore, then I could just quit, but I haven’t wanted to. I feel like that’s everyone’s outlook. As long as I’m happy, that matters to them.”

In Conclusion: Parents, The Invisible Wings

While we often see Storm Reid under the spotlight, it’s essential to understand that behind her stands a powerful duo – her parents. Their sacrifices, belief, and unwavering support have shaped Storm’s journey. As she continues to soar in the entertainment world, one thing remains evident: Storm Reid’s parents are her true north, guiding her, supporting her, and ensuring she remains grounded.


1. Where was Storm Reid born?

Storm Reid was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

2. How many siblings does Storm Reid have?

Storm Reid has three siblings: a brother named Josh and two sisters named Iman and Paris 12.

3. Who are Storm Reid’s parents?

Storm Reid’s parents are Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid.

4. Did the Reid family always live in Los Angeles?

The Reid family moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta when Storm was nine years old to support her budding acting career.

5. What is Robyn Simpson Reid’s profession?

Robyn Simpson Reid is an executive producer. She produced the 2004 short film “Poultry and Prejudice.”

6. What do we know about Rodney Reid’s profession?

From the available information, it is unclear what Rodney Reid does for a living.

7. Has Storm Reid ever thought about quitting acting?

While Storm has never expressed a desire to quit acting, her mother, Robyn, has always emphasized that she can leave anytime if she no longer feels passionate about it.

8. How does Storm feel about her parents’ support in her acting career?

Storm is deeply grateful for her parents’ support and has mentioned that as long as she’s happy with acting, her parents are so glad for her.

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